She Started Bottle-Feeding This Tiny Kitten When She Saw Her Do This With Her Ears

This clip features an orphaned kitten called Polly who is obviously very hungry. Little Polly is just two weeks old in this video and requires a lot of care and bottle feeding which is critical for her survival. Volunteers involved with Feline Network of the Central Coast have been giving her the support and attention she requires, and they get a special reward every time they feed her. This non-profit organization is based in San Luis Obispo, California and it has also been funding Polly’s care and adoption services.

This video shows an adorable moment with this tiny kitten. You’re going to melt when you see how she reacts when a volunteer bottle feeds her. Every time she takes a swig out of the bottle, she wiggles her ears and holds the bottle with her tiny paws in order to make sure it isn’t going anywhere. The volunteers at the Feline Network consider every ear wiggle a little reward and thank you from Polly every time they feed her. She is one lucky kitten to have these generous people taking care of her. According to the organization, this little girl has a very healthy appetite; therefore, she has also been nicknamed Pudgy Polly, although she’s not too pudgy just yet.

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