They Started Singing “Amazing Grace”. And When You Hear Them? UNBELIEVABLE!

This video is the most watched performance of Amazing Grace on YouTube. The venue is the incomparable Pula Arena in Croatia. It is an outdoor performance theater built within remaining structures of a Roman amphitheater. It is one of the largest Roman arenas still remaining in the world. The Pula Arena is especially breathtaking at night as seen in this video.

This renowned performance of the popular Christian hymn, Amazing Grace, started out beautiful and competent enough with the four members of the classical-pop crossover vocal group Il Divo singing solo or in combination. It’s no secret that every member of this UK group can really sing. They did a wonderful job nursing the song along accompanied by a Croatian symphony orchestra.

Watching this performance one can sense that something really special is happening just before the start of the bagpipe solo, and when the bagpipe solo started it took the music to an otherworldly dimension. The spectators were starting to feel in awe, thinking fantastical thoughts ranging from I would pay a small toe to see this every week, A good day at the opera tops a great day at the races, Is heaven and earth colliding tonight?, and so on and so forth.

And then the chorus happened. It will absolutely blow you away! This performance is a perfect introduction to classical music for all skeptics. One can still prefer rock, country, hip hop, and whatnot, but one would have to start acknowledging that classical music is indeed the top of the line! Besides, classical music also teaches one to be patient and observant and to get in touch with one’s feelings. Rock on!