This Starving Kitten Has The Most Incredible Reaction After Being Given A Warm Plate Of Food

One of the most devastating effects of poverty is shortage of food which eventually leads to starvation. This is one of the most gruesome realities of the world we live in, and when we look to see the incredible amount of food being wasted every day, it seems absurd that we’ve continued to let this problem go on.

One thing that many people don’t consider when they think about impoverished parts of the world is that the animals who live in these areas suffer from the same lack of food and starvation that the people do.

When this sweet and desperate kitten was found roaming the streets of India for food, it was quickly taken in and given some of the warm food that the people were eating. The moment it starts eating you can just feel the sense of joy and relief that is going through this kitten as it eats.

Thankfully, it will no longer have to starve in the streets as it was adopted soon after. Let us know what you think, and if you thought that this was as touching of a moment as we did, then be sure to share this with family and friends. Share this adorable video with your friends and family on Facebook because it will give them a great big smile… or two… or three! It will make them happy and you, too!