Step into the Past with Thom McAn Shoes

Remember the good ol’ days of shopping for shoes at Thom McAn? You know, the days before online shopping and fancy athletic footwear took over? Ah, those were the times, right?

Thom McAn, the brainchild of Ward Melville and Jay Franklin McElwain, was truly America’s shoe store throughout the 20th century. Scottish golfer Thomas McCann inspired its catchy name. The brand’s meteoric rise started with the opening of its first retail store in New York in 1922, and in just five years, they had 300 stores. By 1939, there were over 650 of these beloved shoe havens across the nation. Pretty impressive, huh?

Ah, yes, the Thom McAn stores that graced hundreds of malls nationwide during the ’60s and ’70s. Those were the glory days when we could easily walk in and find the perfect pair of shoes. Speaking of which, who could forget their popular Jox lifestyle sneakers and the iconic Extra Soles? You know, the leather comfort shoes that came in a burlap bag. Classic!

Unfortunately, like all good things, Thom McAn’s reign had to come to an end. Sales started slipping in the early ’80s, and the once-flourishing 1,100 stores began to dwindle. A major reason? The shifting marketplace and the rise of athletic shoes, especially brands like Nike. Thom McAn’s more conservative styles simply couldn’t keep up.

By the ’90s, the Melville Corporation (Thom McAn’s parent company) began closing stores. It shifted its focus to another chain they’d acquired in the ’60s: Consumer Value Stores, or better known as CVS. Fun fact: Melville even changed its corporate name to CVS in 1996!

But hey, keep hope! If you’re still a die-hard Thom McAn fan, you can find their shoes at certain retailers, including Kmart and Sears. Just be warned, those stores are getting harder to find too.

Anyway, why not relive the good old days and take a gander at this “MadlyOdd” video on Thom McAn Shoes – Life in America? It’s a nostalgic trip that will bring back some sweet memories. And, you know what? Sharing this video with your friends and family is a great way to connect because it’ll remind them of simpler times when shopping for shoes was a genuine pleasure. So, give it a watch, and spread the love!

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Step into the Past with Thom McAn Shoes