A Stranger’s Gives Infant Kiss. Instead, Passes Deadly Herpes Virus To Baby. WHAT??? Crazy!

New parents are very protective of their children and do you remember the adage, “Never talk to strangers?” Well, we make sure our children follow this rule strictly, but what happens when acquaintances we know approach our kids? Is there a rule for them as well? And what do we say if they want to show affection to our children? Even if it is in our presence?

This new mum met an acquaintance and as all people absolutely adore infants, this person kissed the baby on the mouth. However, in a few days, cold sores started appearing on the infant’s mouth. This really concerned the mother as she didn’t what it was.

A friend put the pieces of the puzzle together and suggested the possibility of Brooke catching this infectious disease from the person who had kissed her. That friend was absolutely correct. Although it was a relief to know what her child caught and whom she caught it from, Claire is now warning other parents to be careful on who touches their child.

Cold sores for adults are not a big deal and usually disappear within a few days without any treatment, however, an infant who is three months or younger does not have the developed immune system to combat this. The baby could face liver and brain damage and even death. This sounds very dire for the infant and it is not something most of us think about, but just a simple warning can help save many infants from unnecessary pain and suffering.

Brooke had to spend 5 days in the hospital and was on a drip for that time frame, and it is only thanks to her mother’s quick action that the infant is now healthy. Claire posted this warning on her Facebook page and her post went viral. With over 85% of the population being either a carrier of the Herpes virus, it is important that parents be very vigilant with their infants.

If your child is 3 months or younger, avoid taking your young one to public places like parks and avoid people from kissing your baby. People around you may not seem like they have the virus, but they could be a carrier and transfer the virus to your little one.

Wow. This story really made me think twice about allowing people to come close to my little one. How about you? What did you think of the video, if you watched it. Send us a message in the section below and let us know!

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