This Stray Saved This Driver After A Brutal Car Accident!

I think all species exhibit a degree of solidarity towards other creatures in distress. However dogs are probably the most in-tune with human emotions. Proof of this is the huge number of rescue dogs that help finding people during natural disasters. Well this lucky driver was found by an amazing savior! Shannon was driving down a rural Georgia road, she didn’t realize exactly just how fast she was going; she would later find out that she had lost control of her truck and flown out the window. No one seemed to have noticed her when they drove past her.

Except for a stray dog. He came out of the woods and jumped onto the back of her car, upon discovering her he proceeded to lick her bloody face and tugged and pulled at her unconscious body until he was able to drag Shannon over 100 feet back to the street!  There, a vehicle finally noticed them and Shannon was able to call her husband for help.

Shannon was able to go to the hospital and recover from the brain hemorrhage that she suffered from the accident. As for the stray, he was adopted by a canine search and rescue trainer!

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