Street Musician Started His Performance. But What This Dog Beside Him Did Next? OMG!

One day, when street musician Sergie Ivanovich went for his solo act in the street like he always did, he had an unexpected experience. He never thought a street dog would give him company during his performance. This cute, furry and extremely talented addition to his solo street performance not just won his heart, but all the hearts of the people passing by as well. Wait till you see what this dog does yourself!

You might have seen two or more people joining in with the street musician before. But have you ever seen a dog joining in the fun? If you haven’t then this video is the one for you. You won’t believe what this dog did for Sergie.

As he was playing his instrument, the dog began to sing and howl along with him. People started to take notice and drop a lot of money into his instrument case. Many even gave this sweet dog a pat on the head. Even Sergie stops playing to give the dog some affection. After this day, Sergie was so impressed by this dog that he decided to take this street dog home with him.

So Sergie made money on this day and the dog found a new forever home. While money is certainly necessary, I think this dog got the better end of the deal. Now he and Sergie are not alone any more and that’s even better than performing together.

Isn’t this sweet? What did you think of this singing dog? Let us know in the comments!

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