Students are terrified of military teacher, then they find out what he does after school

We’ve all had that one teacher we were afraid of, the one so strict that we would fear for our lives should we not have the homework in on time. Or if we were caught talking in class and received a steely-eyed death glare and be subsequently frogmarched to the principle’s office. There was always one teacher who seemed to teach with military grade precision, who might as well have been in the army. It just so happens that Jim O’Connor was!

The Vietnam veteran is the math teacher at California’s St. Francis High School and he’s something of a taskmaster. His stern, unflappable demeanour isn’t exactly a big hit with the students, who struggle to find a kind word to say about him. He’s one of those old school teachers who believe that education can’t be fun (which isn’t true) but Jim is from a different generation and a totally different time. But what students didn’t know, was that there was much more to him than meets the eye!

One student in particular just happened to chance on Jim’s “alter-ego,” who volunteers at a local maternity hospital at the weekend. Astonishingly, for the past 20 years, John has been visiting the Los Angeles Children’s Hospital to give up his time outside of school hours, where he has become an “invaluable” carer when it comes to holding newborn babies. John gives much-needed cuddles and hugs to the infants, where their parents are unable to due to unforeseen circumstances.

His tender touch and loving demeanour is a million mile away from his classroom persona, so much so it has earned him the nickname “the baby whisperer.”

Now his secret is out and his students are seeing him in a whole new light and as the news reporter says, you might think you know someone but you really have no idea! And not only that but Jim also helps out in another vital way – his name just happens to be at the top of the blood donor list. This kind-hearted soul really does give back to the community and has served his country in every sense of the word.

Don’t miss this touching report in the link below and share with your family and friends – because there are some very important lessons to be learned here. You should never judge a book by its cover, and even strict math teachers need love too!