Subway Singer Sings A Ballad So Beautiful That’ll Make You Cry

With a humble heart and fate guiding the way, a young subway singer named Sam stepped forward for her audition. After a brief introduction as “Just Sam,” young Samantha Diaz from Harlem put forth one of the most beautiful songs heard on this season’s auditions. She may be only 20-years-old, but her years singing on the streets of New York have sure paid off.

The moment at first overwhelmed Sam, causing her to break down in tears. The judges immediately opened up. Lionel Richie reminded her that they all believe in her while Katy looked her in the eyes and told her, “You are safe.” All this artist needed was encouragement, and a pre-performance ritual used before singing in the subway.

With emotion and heavenly grace, Just Sam put forth a melody that was a complete contrast from the shaky vocals she struggled with in the beginning. Singing Lauren Daigle’s, ‘You Say’ suited every aspect of this subway singer’s voice and personality. There are no words to describe the open show of emotion that follows when Lionel Richie inspires Samantha Diaz to pray with the panel – it’s hard not to cry.

Subway Singer Sings A Ballad So Beautiful That\'ll Make You Cry