Take 100 of The Best Dance Scenes in Movie History – Now Add ‘Uptown Funk’

There have been hundreds of musicals made over the years, movies where dance plays a huge role in the story lines, where new moves have been created just for these pictures, or film clips.

Dancers of today’s generation have been influenced by the dancers and steps of a bygone era. From Hollywood to Bollywood, music and dance have played a significant role in our cinema history. It’s hard to forget Gene Kelly “Singin In The Rain” or Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke in “Mary Poppins”. What about John Travolta in “Saturday Night Fever”, “Grease” and “Pulp Fiction”? So many great movies, so many great songs, so many incredible dance steps.

But what would you think if someone sat down one day in an edit suite somewhere and put them all together? Firstly you would have to select a piece of music that would work with all of the different moves and rhythms. Then you have to face the daunting task of sifting through hundreds of movies to select the excerpts you want to use for this masterpiece. Just imagine the hours and hours that would go into such a crazy project. Believe it no someone has spent a considerable piece of their lives doing just that.

Uptown Funk, a massive hit for British record producer Mark Ronson and American superstar Bruno Mars was selected as the ideal fit for such an ambitious film clip. The song itself is somewhat of a labor of love as well.

Recorded in locations all over the world, from studios to dressing rooms, and featuring a plethora of musicians, it was released in November 2014, and became a huge hit all over the globe. The song spent 14-consecutive-weeks in the “Billboard Hot 100” charts as well as seven weeks in the UK charts, and was a hit in Australia, Canada, France, Ireland and New Zealand. It won two “Grammy Awards” and the official video had 2.9-billion hits on YouTube alone.

The clip below feature nearly 100 different dance scenes from movies that stretch over the last 10-decades of movie making. It has such a diverse range of characters and dance moves that it is just a masterful thing to watch. The editor certainly had his work cut out for him but has done what can only be described as an incredible job putting it all together.

If you turn it up, put on your headphones, and sit back and enjoy this fantastic clip, you will have so many memories come rushing back. When I watched it, I couldn’t believe the number of classic movies I had forgotten about; it is truly an excellent example of video editing mastery. The only thing to do now is to make a list of how many of the films you remember and can name, a game the whole family can play. Check this out:

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Take 100 of The Best Dance Scenes in Movie History – Now Add ‘Uptown Funk’