This Shih Tzu Puppy Loves Showing Off Her Tricks. You Will Be Amazed How Many She Can Do

Miss Misa Minnie is the cute little Yorkshire Terrier puppy featured in this video. At only 31 weeks old, she has already built up a real Internet following.

Clearly, Misa is very highly educated and talented. Shih Tzus are very well known for their intelligence and energy. They can also be quite possessive when they want to.


In this video, you will be amazed to learn that Misa is not trained by a professional dog trainer, but rather has been home trained by her doting mom. Her tricks are absolutely adorable and she shows them off to all her friends that she makes as a therapy dog.

This video has her showing off one amazing trick after another. When you watch this video, you will fall in love with this little dog, if you weren’t already a fan.