Tear-Jerking Moment Caught Between Military Dad and 3-Year-Old Daughter

It takes a certain kind of parent to be able to leave their loved ones for deployment. A loving father steps up to serve his country, along with thousands of others, leaving his beautiful wife and three-year-old daughter stateside.

With hundreds of Facetime calls and plenty of tears shed, Camila was ready for her daddy to come home. He was set to be back in the spring of 2020, but the state of the world pushed back his return and extended his already long deployment.

Wearing an adorable white dress with a big hair bow to match, Camila runs up the front lawn steps when her mom, Elizabeth, says she has a surprise for her. A car is parked next to their home, and Elizabeth tells the little cutie to see who’s inside.

She opens the passenger door to be greeted by her father. Instantly filled with glee, the precious cutie has a giant smile on her face and embraces her dad in a big hug. The family has taken beautiful photos together and spent plenty of time with each other since.