The dress, the hair, the lightning, the song, the dance — everything is perfect

Prom dance

In a viral video now watched by hundreds of people, the concept of prom has changed. While you might have seen everything, we doubt you have seen this school prom with choreography for couples.

The fascinating event happened in Hungary, at Kecskeméti Református Gimnázium. At the gymnasium, parents came out to support and behold their children’s performance. In the end, it was a fantastic outing.

As seen in the video, the event features various dances and moves. The performance begins with the girls on one side in dazzling gowns. They were waiting, whispering, and exchanging knowing smiles.

Prom dance

On another side are the boys, also waiting to begin. They put on suits and ties of varieties and look exceedingly handsome. After about some moments of waiting, the show starts appropriately with a waltz of spins and twirls.

Then the waltz moves into such perfect synchronicity as the couples bond together to become one. Moving bodies elegantly, no one trips or stumbles. No doubt, they must have put in hours of practice to perfect the moves.

If you’ve ever wanted to know how the Disney Princesses would dance, this ballroom dance provides an insight. Soon the couple circle and dance to upbeat music that gets them stepping left and right quickly.

Watching them feels like seeing real-time Bridgerton. The way they dance and share such romance in their steps is classic and incredible. While they thrill their parents, they, in turn, could only watch their children in pure affection.

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