“The First Noel” Is Played On An 18-String Harp Guitar, And It’s Absolutely Mesmerizing

18 string guitarWhen Jamie Dupuis was given his first guitar at age 14, he fell in love with the instrument and began to learn how to play. Dupuis is a guitarist-music composer from Ontario, Canada.

After winning first place at the 2016 Canadian Guitar Festival 2016 competition, he obtained a scholarship to study at the Musician Institute of Contemporary Music in California, USA.

He has become a virtuoso guitarist and composer, well known for his complex fingerstyle technique and his energetic performances. He also teaches young students to inspire the development of new artists and share his love for the music.

The 18-string guitar defies description, so does the music it creates. These instruments are usually included in the group of instruments called harp guitars.

The features of harp guitars are given many descriptions, and they are known under a variety of other names, both past, and present.

Suffice it to say that the harp guitar can have any number of additional “floating”, or unstopped, strings, which can be individually plucked. The term “harp” is referring to the unstopped, open strings themselves, not the shape of the guitar.

Jamie Dupuis can rework not only Christmas tunes but any song, into a timeless acoustic masterpiece to be performed on his 18-stringed harp guitar.

In this music video, he rearranges the classic, old Christmas carol, The First Noel”, giving it a modern transformation that is unique all his own style.

Watch the video and enjoy this musician’s delightful, new approach to an old classic and enjoy the stunning sound that can be created on this unusual instrument.

Is there a better instrument for a Christmas carol as beautiful as this one? I think not!

“The First Noel” Is Played On An 18-String Harp Guitar, And It’s Absolutely Mesmerizing