The Highwaymen perform “Highwayman” to packed auditorium

The Highwaymen

The Nassau Coliseum in New York hosted a quartet of legendary American singers known collectively as The Highwaymen. For their iconic American Outlaws show, this group performed the hit song “Highwayman.”

The Highwaymen

Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson, and Waylon Jennings are the four famous musicians who graced the stage for their unforgettable performance. The crowd went wild when these men announced their next song.

Willie Nelson started the ballad by singing the persona of a highwayman living a Robin Hood-style life. Kris Kristofferson took the next verse, telling tales of a sailor’s nautical adventures.

Waylon Jennings

The next to take the limelight was Waylon Jennings singing the woes of a dam builder out in Colorado. Last but not least, Johnny Cash approached the microphone to deafening cheers.

He sang of being a starship pilot flying across the universe with his smooth voice. The song concluded with thunderous applause as The Highwaymen took their bows to the crowd.

This unforgettable country supergroup gave their devoted fans a show no one will soon forget. The unbelievable talent of these four extraordinary men shines effortlessly throughout the American Outlaws show.

Everyone who was lucky enough to witness The Highwaymen in person in New York and those who couldn’t make it will be forever grateful for this recording of an incredible performance.

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