The Knack Made An Impressive “My Sharona” Coronavirus Parody So Everyone Else Can Stop Making Them

When something as serious as Coronavirus enters the world, people try to make light of the situation in all ways possible. It’s no wonder why the Knack’s song, “My Sharona” is the parody song of choice.

There are pages and pages of “My Sharona” parodies on YouTube, but we were all waiting for one from the original band. Thankfully, The Knack finally came out with their own musical parody of their own song, and they called it “Bye Corona.”

“Bye Corona” one-upped all other coronavirus parodies because founding guitarist Berton Averre, and his pups delivered an official version that put all others to shame. This featured his hit guitar solo and recruited bassist Prescott Niles to perform with him since lead singer Doug Fieger passed in 2010.

This classic parody that came straight from the original source puts an official end to the use of “My Sharona,” as no other song can one-up it. The Knack crushed coronavirus in its path with their limitless parody.