The most sarcastic and snappiest comeback in the history of Frasier

There are many snappy and witty remarks on the show Frasier, so it was challenging to pick only a few of them. While Martin Crane was known to be the king of sarcasm, Frasier and Niles also have great comebacks.

Frasier was in the living room, exasperated because of a loud commotion while resting. He was asked not to be snippy, and he said perhaps it was too much to ask for no gunplay in the living room.

Martin asked Frasier to analyze Eddie, the dog’s tiny brain. Frasier said it would be the jewel in the crown of his career. Eddie didn’t seem too pleased with the comment.

Frasier walked into the apartment, and as he entered, he heard Daphne say, “Uh oh.” Frasier replied, “Two syllables every homeowner loves hearing upon entering the door.”

In one scene, Frasier pointed to the floor and said there was a rug where a rug doesn’t belong; why don’t they throw down a twister mat and play?

While shopping for a Christmas present, a little kid commented on what kind of dork would like the gift Frasier picked. He replied, “With any luck, the kind of dork that will be operating on your prostate one day.”

Some of the funniest lines are quick and still hit the hardest. The cast is all masters of their craft and constantly fights over who is the most humorous.

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The most sarcastic and snappiest comeback in the history of Frasier