The story of America’s breakfast joint – Denny’s

If you want to grab a guaranteed great breakfast any time of day or night, the place to go is Denny’s. This video features the history behind an American staple that has over a thousand locations across the country.

Denny’s started out as a humble drive-up donut shop in California that promised excellent coffee and service 24 hours a day. The original name for the restaurant was Danny’s Donuts.

Eventually, the chain expanded and added burgers to the menu. Unfortunately, another popular coffee joint named Dan’s Coffee quickly became confused with Danny’s Donuts. The owner changed its name to Denny’s.

Denny’s began offering even more options for food so that customers could eat breakfast, lunch, or dinner. They bought out a donut chain called Winchell’s and tried to expand into the casino industry, but that deal fell through.

When baseball legend Hank Aaron retired, Denny’s decided to honor his legacy by creating a signature breakfast dish called the Grand Slam. It remains one of the most popular menu items today.

Denny’s locations can be found all over the country. Their popularity has even extended into the film industry including playing a brief role in the wholesome Christmas classic, The Santa Clause.

Denny’s made a pledge to provide better quality food, so they started serving cage-free eggs and organic meat. The next time you need a pick-me-up, you can always count on Denny’s.

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