The World Lost Natalie Cole… But In This Performance She Will Live On In Our Hearts!

Natalie Cole was a legendary R&B singer. Tragically, on the 31st December 2015 she passed away. She was the daughter of the great Nat King Cole, and followed in the family business making a name for herself as an incredible performer.

Millions were amazed by her talent when her first hit songs like “This Will Be” and “Inseparable” were released. She had incredible talent and worked very hard to make herself an icon in the music industry. This video is a performance from 2011.

This in charting live performance by Natalie Cole will amaze you. In this live performance she sings a duet of “Unforgettable.” The song was originally composed and released by her father in 1951, so it is fitting that father and daughter sing this song together.

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