There’s No Alexa, Alex, Aleximus Or Al? Life Without Technology Is Tough

Technology has changed the world, and the way that we do just about everything is strikingly different to the way that it once was. How different? Let Amazon show you with their brilliant “Before Alexa” commercial. This version includes the bonus scenes.

This version of Amazon’s “Before Alexa” SuperBowl commercial was banned, and here’s the cut without all the edits. It may be a little edgier, but realizing how different the world was without technology has never been funnier.

Without technology, how would you listen to music? Who would remember your favorite song? Road trips would be severely limited for track choice, and you’d better pick your traveling partner wisely. These are just a few of the ways that Amazon flashback to the past.

Alexa-enabled speakers like Amazon Echo are handy devices, but their utility value has never looked brighter than after watching this intelligent ad. Now that’s how you remind people of your value.