These 10 ‘X Factor’ Acts Deliver The Best British Music Covers We’ve Ever Seen

These 9 British Covers Of Songs On “The X Factor” Will Have You SwooningEver wanted to listen to nine great covers of British songs, but didn’t want to have to track them down? You’re in luck, because “The X Factor” has you covered.

Watching these nine artists is like taking a walk through the greatest songs from the United Kingdom. We admit when we heard Anthony Russell step up to sing Oasis’ “Sally Can Wait” we were sold from the get-go.

The standout performance from the group is from an unusual source: Denmark. Live Vogel gave her rendition of David Bowie’s power ballad “Life on Mars.” With her sweet voice and otherworldly sound, she melded perfectly with the messages of the song, sounding a bit alien herself.

These 10 \'X Factor\' Acts Deliver The Best British Music Covers We\'ve Ever Seen