They Were Expecting A Normal Audition But Then He Started Talking To His Dog! My Jaw Dropped! OMG!

Talent shows are full of surprises but this one might just give you the shock of your life. You actually can’t guess what this man makes this dog do. I went crazy when I saw and heard this dog. This is quite a show.

In the stage of “Britain’s Got Talent” comes a peculiar talent where this man from Paris introduces his dog Wendy. But everyone was stunned when this dog starts talking and singing. The 61-year-old places his pooch on a pedestal and begins asking her questions and she answers with a human voice. He even got a standing ovation. Not in my wildest dream I could ever think this could be possible.

The whole crowd was blown away as this dog stole the show. His dog wows the crowd and left everyone with a puzzled face. Watch this video and let us know how you felt watching it through comments. We’d love to hear from you!


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