They’re Not Usually Friends, But This Dog And Horse Are Too Cute Together!

Not everyone has had the privilege of witnessing it, but the friendship that can develop between two fellow animals of different species develop is truly wonderful to see. Despite the differences that they have between each other, and the different things that they like to do, that doesn’t stop them from hanging out and make each other happy.

In the wonderful video below, you will see the amazing friendship that was formed between a pit bull and a horse. It’s certainly something incredible to see, for sure, and you will be enchanted by their incredible friendship. The doggy is named Herbie, and the horse is called Jabby, and they get along like two old best friends.

In this cute video, you will see how Herbie the pup approaches the stunning horse, and Jabby responds appropriately by putting her head down so that the pup can pet her with his paw. And that’s not all! They even give each other a few kisses at the end. It’s definitely something beautiful to watch!

Watch this heartwarming vide below, you won’t regret it!

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