They’re Playing Music In Church, And Then This Guy Had To Do THIS To The Trombone! OMG!

This was a free masonic concert at a church in Tiptree, Essex, near London in England. It was organized by the Salvation Army, and the band was the Salvation Army’s Central London Fellowship band, an intimate chamber music orchestra. The church venue is a cathedral so the acoustic ought to be good.

Are you excited yet? The audience at the church certainly was. It was packed with crowd overflowing to the outside – they can still hear the music through the speaker system. It was a classy crowd. Almost all of them gave up their spots in the pews for the senior citizens among them, which is why we can see so many gray heads in the audience.

The chamber orchestra played beautifully. They had the audience riveted after a lively opening movement. The video begins with the second movement, a solemn and seductive adagio. You won’t want to miss what the trombone player did – it’s that awesome – about 11 seconds into it. Was that the loudest fart ever?

Normally at least a few members of the audience would have laughed out loud, especially that it’s a free concert. I certainly did. But thanks to the compassion and respect of everyone who showed up, when they wisely let only the senior citizens inside the church, the audience managed to keep their composure, even though some of them were dying to crack up.

The orchestra musicians were very appreciative. They kept on as if nothing untoward happened at all, as if this loud “fart” was part of the music.

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