Things That Go Bump In The Night: Mom Gets The Shock Of Her Life After Hearing Attic Noises

We’ve all been freaked out by a bump in the night. But when Tracy, a nurse, and mother of five in Rock Hill, South Carolina heard thumping sounds coming from the attic followed by nails began popping out of the ceiling, she got worried. Thinking that maybe an animal was up there, she summoned her two oldest sons and a nephew and had them investigate. The nephew told her, “Well, if there’s something up there it’s coming down.” He was right about that!

Climbing up into the attic, they found that a man was living there! He’d used coats to make a kind of nest in the heating unit and used plastic cups as improvised toilets. While Tracy called the police, the uninvited attic guest ran down the stairs and fled outside. One particularly unsettling thing is that there’s no outside access to the attic: he had to have come in the house by climbing through a window or simply walking through the door. Naturally, Tracy and her children were left badly rattled by the attic incident. The kids were afraid to sleep in their rooms, so everyone camped out together in the living room.

As if this wasn’t bizarre enough, he wasn’t a stranger. The man had been in a relationship with Tracy a dozen years before and she’d made it clear that it was definitely over. However, she had hired him just a year before to do some home repair work. But as you’ll see the police had good reason to think he’d been there for no more than two weeks.

We’ve posted the video of WCNC’s news coverage of this crazy story.

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