This Adorable Rescue Raccoon Wants To Remind You To Wash Your Hands

It’s not every day that you see an animal caring for themselves better than a human does. This rescue raccoon from Costa Rica is just as concerned as the rest of us about the spread of coronavirus.

In the video, you can see this adorable raccoon using the water from a hose to wash its hands in a pink bucket. It makes you think about the need to wash your own hands in light of COVID-19.

The rescue sanctuary captioned the video saying, “This little guy wanted to remind you to wash your hands for 20-30 seconds,” and to “stay safe” during these troubling times. Even the smallest of animals seem to have the biggest hearts in times like these.

Your health is not something to take for granted, and this rescue raccoon is showing you just that. Instead of worrying about the small things in life, take this sweet raccoon’s advice and flatten the coronavirus curve by washing your hands whenever possible.