This Black Labrador Shows Us All How To Have Fun In The Snow!

Who doesn’t love the snow, I’m sure everyone shares my enthusiasm for snow. Turns out humans are the only ones; there are many videos on the Internet that show reactions of pets in the snow. Some are positive and some are negative. But this video is a great addition to the genre.

This cute dog absolutely loves the snow. Rafi the Black Labrador is going to have you in stitches when you see how much he enjoys the snow. This little guy must love sledding, but since there is on a sled around he shows us all how to sled without one.

I’m sure you’ll be laughing as much as dad is in this video. The dog knows that he’s making them laugh and he keeps going back and doing the same thing to make them laugh even more. This video will definitely bring a smile to your face. Rafi the Black Labrador knows how to have fun in the snow.

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