This Chihuahua has an adorable grin that helped him find a loving home

How long has it been since you have seen a street dog have one of those storybook endings? I am happy to inform that I have. I am not sure if it has been because of all those stories going viral but I think these stories have started to hit home on many viewers, and they have decided to do the right thing for these poor animals. Most of these dogs and cats would have faced a very grim end if it hadn’t been for the hearts of all those good people.

One of these pets was a dog that was rescued from the streets of NYC. This dog was born blind and he had a loving family. His name is Bruno and he is a Pit Bull. He had lived with his family and they all loved and cared very much for him. They had a home that had all the necessary adaptations for a dog with his condition, like extra soft edges in almost every corner and bells that rang in different tunes according to the room in the house he was walking in.

Bruno’s life was very comfortable, and you could say that he had it much better than most dogs. The problem came when the father, Bill, fell ill. He was the one who had done the adaptations at home and was not able to give maintenance to them. Bill’s children lived in another country and only came to visit him about once a year. Bill’s wife was devoted to taking care of Bill and could not take care of Bruno, especially when Bill needed to be hospitalized.

That’s when they gave Bruno up for adoption. It was a very difficult decision for them, but one they felt they needed to make, so they could take better care of Bill. Bruno found himself up for adoption, but at 9 years old and blind, there weren’t a lot of people who could actually adopt him. One day, Bill’s son came to see his father at the hospital and found out of Bruno’s fate. He went to the shelter and adopted Bruno after telling them who he was and how he knew Bruno. He took Bruno to live with him and is now enjoying a new, loving life in Brazil.

The following story also has a storybook ending. His name is Cheech and he is an adorable Chihuahua. The adoption center where he was living decided to post his photo on Facebook to see if they could get anyone interested in adopting him. The dog’s incredible smile drew a lot of people and the shelter got an insane amount of applications for adoption. After carefully going over all of them, the staff found the perfect match. This is the story of Cheech, the Chihuahua with the winning smile!