This dog is supposed to guard sheep, but his method has everyone in hysterics!

Do you remember the time when you thought that Disney characters were real? I do, and it was the most wonderful time ever. You didn’t have a care back then and each day seemed like it would never end. I was one of those kids who pretended to be every superhero he saw on television. My mother saw that I was so into comic books and superheroes that she made me a Superman cape.

I was very happy. In my opinion, the cape was all that I needed to become Superman. It even had the famous “S” logo on it, and despite the color was a little off, I saw it as the ‘kid’ version of it. The following day after getting it, I decided to take it for a test ride. I was thinking of jumping off the ceiling of my house but decided to start slowly. After all, I didn’t know how many test-drives it would take me to break the cape in.

As you would figure, my first test-drive didn’t go that well. After that, I started wondering if the superheroes that I have grown to know were all going to be like that. After much pondering, I believed that my cape probably needed some tweaking or something, but I stopped jumping from places. I never lost hope in the fairy tales that I saw and kept thinking there were mostly true.

Then, of course, I had to grow up and that pretty much ruined my fairy tale hopes until I saw this video. If you are looking for a video that will make you feel good, then this is the right one. This is one of those stories that if someone were to tell you about it, perhaps you would think that he was taking it from a movie or an episode.

The pup in this video has been commissioned to a very specific task. He is supposed to look after the sheep. Now, when you see the dog, you might think that this will be a little difficult for our furry friend because he is considerably shorter than the sheep he is supposed to oversee. While many of us would tackle this challenge in diverse ways, this pup decided to take an out-of-the-box approach.

He knew he had to pick a spot where he would assert his dominance and show them who the boss really is. It had to be a spot of power and respect. What do you think this spot was? Just watch!