This Dog Walks 4 Miles Every Day To Pick Up A Bag Full Of Food. When She Takes It Home? I’m Amazed!

Lucia Helena de Souza is a lovely woman. Lucia’s house is about 4 miles away from where Lilica normally lives. Lucia has a policy of giving food to anyone who needs it. Lilica would walk 4 miles every day to get some food from Lucia.

Lucia often noticed that Lilica was cautious around the food bag. Often she would see Lilica scrounging for food after she had been fed. Lucia figured that perhaps the dog wanted to take the food home to her family. So she started giving the entire food bag to the dog.

Since that first time Lucia waits every day for Lilica at 9 pm. Lilicia walks 4 miles to retrieve the bag and then takes a back to the junkyard where she lives. When she gets home she feeds another dog, a few cats, a mule, and even some chickens. What an incredible dog.

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