This Mama Sloth Holds Her Baby Tight As They Trek Through The Costa-Rican Jungle

In a new animal documentary, famed wildlife photographer David Weiller has traveled to Costa Rica to see what he can find amidst the treetops. And the resulting footage is just too cute for words.

After proving his camera skills in a previous insect series, Weiller is known in the animal lovers community as a committed and empathetic videographer. In these recent nature clips, he set out to test his patience with a new species – brown-throated sloths.

One scene is devoted entirely to a mother sloth’s journey from one end of a tree branch to the other, all while cradling her baby securely on her chest. For 30 heart-pounding seconds, we watch as the mama sloth carefully inspects every inch of a large green bud, while the questions pile up in our heads – “are you going to eat that?” “what does it smell like?” and, most importantly, “why are you green mom?!”

In Weiller’s second clip, we are treated to a slothy lunch, where the before-mentioned mom and baby are caught munching on a large leaf of some sort. Alas, there are just so many discoveries to be made about sloths and so little time. We just hope Weiller puts out another video soon.