He Thought His Pug Was Going To The Bathroom, But When The Dog Lifted BOTH His Legs? LOL!

Pets are a great source of entertainment. If you are feeling down, all you need to do is turn on your Internet and search for some dog videos. They will make you laugh without a doubt, and have been proven to alleviate stress and high blood pressure. Dogs are one of the funniest creatures on planet earth. They often crack us up without actually intending to. The video below features a pooch that will give you a good laugh.

This clip features an adorable little pug. He looks like he is searching for a place to pee at first, and hikes his leg on what looks like a concrete planter. It’s a find spot, but he just doesn’t seem happy enough with it. First he lifts one leg, then he turns around the lifts the other, but no, he’s not satisfied.

Then, just when you think he is going to do the deed, he lifts up both his hind legs and starts walking around on his front paws. Is it a trick? Oh no! His owner didn’t teach him this. What’s most hilarious is the fact that he is actually going peeing while doing a handstand.

But he’s not just doing a handstand! He walks around like this for one minute and is peeing the whole time! How can a dog this small, he’s looks like he’s still a puppy, pee this much? Wait till you see this for yourself!

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