I thought this was a regular Christmas tree — until the lights went off

Every one of us loves to have a Christmas tree in our house at the time of the holidays, and of course the lights on the tree are the most important component of decorating it. This video shows a Christmas tree, but not just any ole Christmas tree that you usually get to see. This is much more exciting and attractive than the usual Christmas tree we see very often.

I seriously wasn’t able to take my eyes off this video. This Christmas tree is actually more awesome than the usual ones we mostly see. According to the YouTube description of the video, the tree is computer controlled and uses over 23 amps of power when it’s fully operative.

According the YouTuber, the 10 ft tree has over 7000 lights on it. The YouTuber who uploaded this video has used Vixen Christmas Lights controller software along with a RenardSS24 control board to run the 24 different channels.

Lights and decorations instil the Christmas spirit in all of us, and this tree certainly does that. We love to have dazzling lights during this season and this one is more special than those dazzling lights as it is also synchronized to music. The music really adds to the spectacular effect the lights have on our mood during Christmas.

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