Tim Conway Has the Audience in Stitches As “The Oldest Shoe Salesman” — the Belly Laughs Are Epic!

This is Carol and Tim at their best! I remember watching this with my mom on Saturday nights; she would laugh so hard she would cry. Everyone watched this show back then. This one made me laugh as hard as I did when I first watched it way back when.

This comedy skit begins with a shoe store clerk going to lunch. He calls towards the back to have the other associate come to cover his position. A senior man walks out to the floor with a duster in hand. The studio audience claps and cheers for the familiar face.

Shortly after the original clerk leaves, in comes a customer., “Stella” played by Carol Burnett.  The Tm Conway comically greets her, and her reaction is just as hilarious. After dusting her like a mannequin and a short deliberation on if she was real, he finally realizes she is there to buy slippers. He asks questions to determine what style she would like shoes.

Carol, instead, “Stella,” tells the shoe salesman that she is looking for a simple pair of blue slippers to match a blue dress. The Oldest Man claims to have what she is looking for, but if he’s a little distracted because he’s experiencing love at first sight.

While searching the shelves together, the pair put on quite the show. The famous duo starts falling from chairs, ladders, and it’s pure physical comedy at it’s best. The audience can’t contain their laughter and neither could I!

After the man searches the back room. Once she tries it on for size, he asks her to have lunch. She agrees, but only if he can promise to be a gentleman! Too sweet!

A lot of Americans grew up with this show, and it brings up a lot of memories and feelings of nostalgia. Tim Conway and Carol Burnett are the best. Each time I watch any of these I laugh every single time.

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Tim Conway Has the Audience in Stitches As \