The Tiniest Baby Bulldog in the Cutest Red Bandana You Will Ever See. I’m Up to 15 times As of Now.

Fashion has always been an important part of identity. How you dress for a party or on the daily used to be rooted deep into social acceptability, standards and courtesy. However, fashion has up to this point gotten a bit looser in the sense of daily clothes. Back in the old days, if you didn’t have a hat and a suit, you were considered a kid or poor.

Here we have the most squeezably adorable white bulldog who looks super fly. His Dad is sitting on the floor talking to the pup and the reactions are just out of this world GOOD. Dad is being super playful and sarcastic and loving but playing it off as if he’s an old mom commenting on what clothes your wearing that they got you for Christmas.

Despite all the rejections, this persistently humorous dad keeps teasing the baby and he seems to have a fairly good idea what Dad is saying. Or at the very least, has NOT only amazing style, but also amazing timing! How hilarious! He asks his precious little treasure two questions and when you hear both, you are in for a treat!

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