Tiny Kitten Seeks Attention In The LOUDEST Way. I Was Immediately Smitten With Him.

People think that dogs are the biggest attention-seekers. OK, yeah, that’s true. They are. But cats can be just as bad. Sure, there are aloof ones who run off and hide, only showing themselves when it’s time for them to eat. Some cats are just as demanding when it comes to seeking love and affection. They can be QUITE vocal… almost ear-splittingly so sometimes! Take the kitten in this video, for example.

We see a kitten standing in the middle of the floor in what looks like a cat gym of sorts. There are a lot of places for them climb around. Several cats of varying ages are milling around – one even walks into the frame and temporarily blocks our view of the little guy. Even though it’s just a video and the other cat is cute too, I was telling him to “MOVE OUT OF THE WAY!” He did, to my delight.

There’s a couple of points in the video when this kitten hangs on to a note. Instead of “Meow” he goes “MEOOOOOOW!” It’s like he’s auditioning for a show. “See how long I can hold this one! Pay attention to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” That’s probably the case since it seems like there are several cats there and attention might be hard to come by. I’d pay attention to him all day!

This video is almost six years old, so this little kitty is now a grown cat. I’m sure that he’s still just as mouthy now as he was as a kitten. They don’t outgrow the need for attention. Take my older cat, for example. He’s nearly 13 and I still can’t sit down on the sofa for more than 30 seconds before he jumps in my lap and demands attention. I’m sure this cat’s mommy or daddy is more than happy to give him all the pats and rubs that he needs.

Wasn’t this little guy SO cute? Or did you find yourself muting the video and just watching him? Tell us your opinion either way in the comments section!

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