Toddler Boy Goes Into Driveway With Mommy. I Couldn’t Believe What Was There.

One big difference between living in a suburb and a city is that there are some better chances to see nature up close. I don’t think too many deer would want to be walking down a city block as opposed to being in a forest with lots of trees. The people in this video certainly live in a suburb… and they have an amazing opportunity here. It’s too bad that the main focus here is not all that interested in what it has to offer.

We see a boy toddler out in a driveway. There’s a very inquisitive fawn nearby that wants some attention. The boy is more interested in a gardening spout on the floor of the driveway. The fawn tries to get his attention by nibbling at his ear. She wants him to pet her on the head, but he clumsily tries to push her away. I would have wanted to go pet the fawn, but I’d also worry about him putting his human scent on her, which the fawn’s mother could then reject her for.

Even though this fawn is young, she’s also got some thick hooves there that could do a lot of damage if she got spooked and ran over the kid. Even though the toddler’s mother is right there, I thought it wasn’t the best idea to let this animal get so close to her son. Maybe this is an adopted pet deer for all we know, but it’s still somewhat unwise… to me at least… to let the fawn have that much proximity.

This fawn probably recognizes that the toddler is a young one himself, which is why she tolerates his pushing her head around and other things. She likes nibbling on his ears… though the only thing that’s on his mind at the moment is getting the watering spout for the plants. Hey, who can blame him for ignoring an awesome meeting with nature? Water rules! I’m sure he’ll look at this years later and wonder what he was thinking…

Wasn’t this all so adorable? I hope the boy realizes later what a chance he had. Oh well. He’s a toddler. What do you think? Tell us in the comments section! Also, please “Like” us on Facebook.

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