Toddler stands in front of 500-strangers, instantly steals the show

What is it that makes a good leader? Is it the skills to communicate well with others? Or the strength to get the job done when all others have failed? Is it something that we are born with? Or is it a strength that we hone and master over time? Some leaders are just natural, they take charge of any given situation sub-consciously, without thinking about the hardships that they may encounter. For others leadership is thrust upon them because of their commutative skills or diplomacy expertise. Whatever the reason for what it takes to be a good leader, it is something that you also must want to do. The responsibility can come with an incredible amount of luggage that you will have to carry with you for some time.

Let’s face facts, not all people are born with the skills to be a leader. Some folk are more than happy to go-with-the-flow and follow the path well-travelled. In my experience, leaders are made. In my particular line of work those who lead, did so by example. The best leaders are those who can give advice, but more importantly, take advice as well. I remember in my senior role at my workplace my boss telling me that I hadn’t done my job properly if I hadn’t trained someone else to be able to take over should anything happen to me. Great advice from a man that I not only liked, but highly respected.

One thing that any leader will have to do from time-to-time as address a crowd. It’s all very well to sit in an office and make decisions that will affect other people, but to address the same people to explain your reasoning can be terrifying. I remember being on the management committee of my local soccer club, I would hate it when it was time for the Annual General Meeting, knowing full-well that we would be facing a group of people with many questions that we as the management would responsible for answering. There was always the one person who thought that they could do a better job, and would come to the meeting armed with a file full of questions and figures. It was how you handled yourself in these situations that showed if you were indeed a good leader or not.

In the clip below we get to witness what may well be a leader in the making. It is at “Camp Rockmont” in the mountains of Western North Carolina, where a very motivated toddler is addressing a crowd of 500 people. At first he is not too sure, but as soon as he realizes that he has them all where he wants them, the fun begins. Click on the link below, and see if you think that this little man has what it takes to be a leader of the future.