Tom Jones Sings Song For Third Time On ‘Ed Sullivan Show’. This Will Knock Your Socks Off!

The 1960’s were a qite different era than the previous decade. People were loosening up, clothes were becoming louder and music was becoming a lot more diverse. The younger generation took a delight in challenging the older crowd… which shocked the older folks, since they had mostly toed the line with THEIR older generation. The times, they were definitely a’changin’. This video shows one such instance.

Tom Jones is on “The Ed Sullivan Show”, he’s singing “It’s Not Unusual”, it’s 1968 and the groovy ‘60s are in full swing. He’s snapping his fingers and swaying along to the beat. As they said back in those times, he was one cool cat. If he was any cooler, it would be snowing in the auditorium. The song had hit No. 10 on the charts when it was released in ’65 and this was his third time singing it on the show.

If you noticed a certain debonair swagger to Jones as he sang, it would not surprise you that he was very close friends with Elvis, who probably gave him certain tips how to carry himself on television. This was also a time where the censors were a lot looser, so there was no filming him from the waist up. This was when sex appeal was starting to really gain a foothold in pop culture and he seized it for all it was worth.

Like many things in life, Jones’ friendship with Elvis has gone full circle. He’s now dating Priscilla Presley, who was the King of Rock’s wife when he died. Jones recently lost his wife and the two have known each other for a long time, so it seems like they would be a natural fit to get together at some point.

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