They Took Their Son To The Zoo, And Wait Till You See What He Does When He Sees A Baby Gorilla

There are tons of differences between a human baby and an animal baby, but they also have some striking and surprising similarities as well. Take, for example, playtime for babies and playtime for a baby gorilla. What do babies have to do all day besides sleep and play? Watch these two in this next clip and you will see.  Both of them love to play till the sun goes down! But wait till you see what happens when a human baby meets a gorilla baby, which is something you don’t see every day. You’re going to melt when you watch this for sure

When this couple took their little son to the Columbus Zoo for a day out, these parents really weren’t expecting to see him have this reaction to a gorilla. The onlookers were also in for a pleasant surprise! The tiny toddler noticed a young gorilla, and that’s when he decided he wanted a baby gorilla as a playmate. These two became instant friends and what follows after that is priceless. They put on quite a show for the parents and the onlookers at the zoo that day. It was a completely unexpected reaction from the baby and the gorilla.

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