They Took This Two-Legged Boxer To His First Beach Trip. What He Does There? THIS Is AMAZING!

Duncan Lou Who was born with seriously deformed rear legs and pelvis. The bones in his legs were totally fused by the time he was eight weeks old and there was no chance of fixing them. They had to amputate his rear legs and hip joints to give him a better chance for a good life. His story has travelled all over the world. Duncan the boxer became an inspirational source overnight.

What amazes me is that Duncan, who is still a puppy, can run, jump and play like other dogs with only his two front legs! He doesn’t seem to know he’s supposed to have four legs. He balances on his front legs and can run just as fast as other dogs. It’s amazing.

This video shows Duncan’s first visit to the beach with his family and friends. There really is no stopping this guy! Duncan has a wheelchair but he hates using it. So his owners let him walk on his two legs. This video is not sped up, so you can imagine how fast Duncan is despite his two legs! It is really heartwarming to see him run around!

He loves to play in the sand and he also loves the camera. He seems to know he’s the center of attention and he loves it. I can see why he doesn’t like the wheelchair. It probably slows him down!

Watch Duncan in the video below! Isn’t he amazing running on the beach? Let us know your thoughts through the comments!