Top 10 Most Difficult Songs In The World Sung By ‘Voice Kids’

‘The Voice’ and ‘The Voice Kids’ is a springboard for talent discovery unlike any other. This also means that among the emerging young stars, some choose to showcase their worth by selecting the hardest tracks, the most difficult songs to sing.

This selection spans stars as young as Flori with her legendary blind audition of ‘Stone Cold.’ At just ten-years-old, her voice cries the story of an old soul. Maturity beyond their years is shared between all these talented young stars, with natural range and power than exceeds all expectations.

From Vietnam Vũ Linh Đan’s pitch-perfect performance of ‘Rise Up’ instantly turning four judges, to Italian Hanna’s strikingly powerful, soulful delivery of ‘And I’m Telling You’ which was so good that the whole panel couldn’t resist – these songs are as amazing as they are difficult.

Yet, listen further, and you’ll be even more astounded. The ceiling to their range behind the kids featured here truly has no limit. Close your eyes and wait for the James Brown classic ‘It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World.’ That can’t be a kid, can it?

Moments of awe and wonder follow each artist’s act. You’ll be eerily captivated by the three-chair turn earning ‘You Raise Me Up’ straight from The Netherlands, and fixed in focus on acts like Golo Skrainy from Ukraine. This is a showcase that you’ll keep coming back to.

og2 Top 10 Most Difficult Songs In The World Sung By Unbelievable ‘Voice Kids’

Watch this compilation of the most difficult songs ever sung on ‘The Voice Kids’ – each artist will wow and amaze, with talent outreaching age.

Top 10 Most Difficult Songs In The World Sung By  \'Voice Kids\'