This is the Top-100 Merry Christmas Songs of 2017!

What’s the best part of Christmas for you? Is it the sounds, the flavors, the presents? There’s something about this season that can magically bring people together and make them forget their differences. This is why I like this season so much. Everyone seems to be in a good mood every day. After all, you only get Christmas once a year, right?

I’m an old vintage kind of guy. I prefer everything old, or at least old-looking for Christmas decorations. I have a bunch of old toys that I take out every year. They don’t get a lot of love except for me and a couple of babies in the family that like to slobber them, but it’s my very own tradition and I don’t plan on changing it anytime soon. (I know, it’s a little crazy).

As far as music goes, it’s always been the same for me. You will see me enjoying the good old tracks from the seventies and even the sixties. There’s something about that era that brings a special kind of magic to the air. The sounds, the melodies and artists were very different from now. Besides, listening to those tracks really takes me back to when I was a little kid. And, who doesn’t like to go back to those magical years, right?

This time however, I decided to do it differently. I always try to switch up the traditions a little bit. It raises expectations and curiosity in the family. This year, it would be music. I decided to not take out my old LPs and look for fresh music. The list needed to comprise artists that all the family liked. That would be a real challenge. Everyone in our family seems to have been born in completely different eras to say the least.

How do I keep the wife, kids and myself happy with the music selection? I decided to look for the perfect playlist. One that would not only please everyone, but that would also still communicate the Christmas spirit through the songs.

I tried a lot of artists with no luck until I ran across the following list. This list is by far the best one you will hear for this year. It includes songs from past years, but don’t worry, it doesn’t go back that much. What I promise is that after listening to this playlist, there will be a smile on your face and a contempt heart beating. This list does not only include popular artists that will make you look like a ‘cool dad’ or ‘cool son’, but will remind you why this season is so important and the love we celebrate. Headphones anyone?