Touching Halloween Message Breaks Gender Norms

Out of all of the fantastic holidays celebrated in a calendar year, there’s something special for children when it comes to Halloween. The exciting idea of dressing up, filling a bucket with delicious candy, and carving pumpkins can make just about any kid jump for joy.

A short PSA called “My Heroes” showcases a family enjoying Halloween festivities before going trick or treating around their neighborhood. There’s something curious lingering in the air between the parents, but nothing seems too peculiar.

One of their children dresses up as Wonder Woman while the other looks awesome as the infamous Batman. A friendly neighbor gives a heartwarming “thank you” to the kids for keeping the community safe.

It isn’t until the kids are home from their adventures when we realize what is so special about these children. They break gender norms by showing in the last shot of the short that the son was Wonder Woman while his kid sister was Batman all along. Their loving father couldn’t be more proud of his little heroes.