The Most Touching Story, Given To Us By The Most Unlikely Advocate Will Leave You In Tears!

Mother is a very important position in a lot of our lives. They help us root ourselves emotionally and grow strong. Always there with kind eyes and a compassionate hand to shield us or hear what’s bothering us the most. Moms have it rough but tend to be the strongest of us all. To endure the painful 9 months of childbirth just to start us out into the world. After 9 long months of carrying and MAKING us, shielding us with their bodies as we grow, they carry us again, this time for much long. They carry us emotionally and are burdened with the many things we go through.

The man may be familiar to most, but to the rest of you who don’t know him, his name is Marc Mero. He used to be big in the WWE or world wrestling entertainment. Now he does a lot of work as a Christian speaker. Going from place to place giving inspirational speeches about his time as a kid, his attitudes and mistakes, as well as on heart felt speech about his mother.

When Marc was a teenager, he found himself grouped in with a bunch of “losers.” His words, not mine. He identified as a loser, and if anyone has been in that group, they know you do a lot of dumb things. From getting wasted all night, it only gets worse from there. It’s a downward spiral of sorts. It depends on a whole lot of things to go from there. If you continue down that path some of the worse consequences would be obvious- inability to hold down a job, lack of having a house to call home. After those two major problems, robbery and assault really isn’t too far off.

Marcs amazing and emotionally charged take on his mother and how he treated her gets to a peak, when he tells us the tragic story.
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