Heroic Rescue of Beached Pod of Dolphins Filmed by Tourist

On a particularly sunny day in Cabo, Brazil, everyone on the beach was having a grand time. They were enjoying the sun and the cool water of the sea. But all of a sudden, the people there noticed something very strange and unusual. They took out their cameras, and in a matter of moments, about 30 dolphins have washed ashore with the tide. It is a very rare event.

Similar events are recorded in Brazil from time to time, but the cause is not yet determined. Some theories suggest that these marine animals try to find shallow waters, especially when they are sick, which often leads them to getting stranded on beaches. Since whales and dolphins travel in a pod, even if one of them gets sick, everyone follows.


The people on the beach couldn’t stand the thought of 30 stranded dolphins, though. They couldn’t stand to see them suffer, and so they quickly took action. These Brazilians didn’t hesitate to jump in the water, and each grabbed the tail of one of the dolphins and pulled them back out to deeper waters. The tide was going out, so they had to act quickly.

It is really amazing to see people join hands to get them safely back to the ocean! Dolphins are loved by everyone, and it seems Brazilians are no exception. Watch this rare occurrence in the video below. I have never seen anything like this before.

Heroic Rescue of Beached Pod of Dolphins Filmed by Tourist