This Troubled Teenager Was Helped By Meredith Viera To Find Her New Dog Friend! Her Reaction Is PRICELESS!

Not everyone gets to have a happy and easygoing experience when growing up. Sometimes, being just a little bit different can make things a whole lot more complicated. This was the case for Hope, a little girl who suffered from being bullied and alienated by her peers at school. Thankfully, for cases like these, there’s always the option of getting a judgement-free friend in an animal shelter. Having a dog friend is great, because they love you unconditionally and stick with you even in the toughest situations.

After having lost their family dog, Hope was having a lot of difficulties opening up and being social again. Thankfully for them, as you will see in the video below, Meredith Viera was kind enough to take Hope and her mother Elaine on a trip, thanks to Animal Aid USA. They got to meet a lot of rescued dogs, and that’s when it all started. Hope started feeling happy again, and not just with the dogs, but with people in general, too. There was a particular dog that caught her attention: A Jack Russel terrier named “Buster”.

At first, they told them he could not be adopted yet, but when you see what happened on Meredith Viera’s show, you’ll be stunned! Hope’s reaction is priceless.

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