ASMR turtle loudly munching on a watermelon “LIKE button”

turtle eating watermelon

Rocky the turtle is an internet rock star thanks to an 11-minute video of him eating a like button that has been carved out of a watermelon. That’s right. A turtle named Rocky eats a Youtube like button-shaped piece of watermelon.

As a person offscreen holds a tiny microphone near Rocky while he eats this monument that is as big as him, Rocky puts on his marathon shoes and manages to eat the whole thing over 11 minutes.

The video is meant to be an ASMR video which is a phenomenon that has been trending for many years. It was uploaded to a Youtube channel called Animal ASMR.

turtle eating watermelon

Animal ASMR exclusively uploads ASMR videos of small animals eating juicy fruits. Some of their other animals include an iguana, a guinea pig, a snail, and a hamster.

While Rocky seems to be the most popular one among them, the guinea pig is a close second with its own exclusive channel called Guinea Pig ASMR.

While this channel is a lot smaller than Animal ASMR, it still manages to attract tons of attention thanks to the adorable guinea pig who is the star of the show.

Animal ASMR itself is quite big with close to a million followers. But this particular video has gotten them almost 30 million views!

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