Twins make eye contact and promptly light up the internet with their magical interaction

It’s always ridiculously cute when babies attempt to talk, but when twin babies “talk” to each other, it’s something else! A dad named Roy Johannik was making a video of his twins and caught them having one of their adorable little conversations.

Merle and her brother Stijn certainly appear to be on the same wavelength, which really isn’t all that surprising. Twins have always left people with the impression that they can communicate without uttering a single word. They probably can’t quite do that, but young twins will develop their own secret language.

As you’ll see in the video posted below, Merle and Stijn aren’t really talking yet, but before long they’ll be inventing their own custom version of “twinspeak.” Unique though it will be, their secret language will almost surely share some common elements with “twinspeak” in general. One is the use of onomatopoeia (words that sound like what they are: boom, splash, meow, and so on). They’ll also invent some words of their own. But much of what Merle and Stijn will likely do is take real words and give them totally different meanings. To make their tailor-made language even more confusing for other people, expect these twins to mix up word order, too. “Twinspeak” is perfectly normal, but it has a possible downside: delaying the acquisition of normal language. Looking at it from a twin’s perspective, if you’ve already got a language that lets you communicate with the person you spend nearly all your time with, why bother learning a new one?

Just what Merle and Stijn are talking about in their “conversation” is a complete mystery. It may be random babble but for all we know, they could be reminiscing about the good old days in the womb. Or maybe they’re exchanging notes on baby food. Whatever these two cuties were discussing, their dad couldn’t stop himself from laughing.

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