Twins watch their cute Pomeranian playing for the 1st time. Their response? I can’t stop laughing

There is nothing like a baby’s laughter. No matter hard you try to avoid laughing with them, they will always get you in the end. Lifting your spirits is easy as all it takes is finding a great baby video and watching. The internet is chuck full of them, but the one you’re about to see will just floor you!

This video footage shows us a set of twins that just can’t stop laughing at their Pomeranian. The dog is inside the playpen with them and they are propped up on the side for the best view of their dog. The dog owner then shows him some treats, and then the dog jumps up to reach them while still in the pen.

That’s all it really takes to get the two babies going. They burst out laughing along with the little dog, and the puppy seems to eat it up! Watch as the dog doesn’t even really notice that he’s entertaining as all he is focused on is those treats.

The twins start to laugh so hard they cry. They seem too young to be able to so that, but there is just something about this little dog just puts them over the moon. Mom can’t help but get involved in all the fun either!

Check it out for your enjoyment below and please let us know what you think in the comments section and then share this gem of a video.